Navagraha puja

Since ancient times Navagraha Puja has been a Vedic ritual for bestowing health, wealth, education, domestic peace and prosperity. Worshipping the nine planets viz.,Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketuis a form of collective worship of the nine planets as per Vedic tenets.

These nine planets have lot to bearon what one achieves or fails to achieve and the fruits arising thereof from karmic activities. Natal chart of a person can show how these nine planets are disposed of. Indeed,planets being part of the solar systemaffect our lives. Though this sounds like a metaphysical argument, there is also the scientific reason with about planets influencing uswith their gravity and electromagnetismwhich can impact over long distances.

Every human life is therefore influenced and certain good or bad happenings result and affect various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, finance, health. When planets work negatively in the horoscope they combine to form good &bad yogas. Bad yogas are ‘doshas’. Collectively they are called “Navagraha doshas.”

Planets leave their tell-tale effects and yet malefic doshas can be minimized by Navagraha Puja as it generates tremendous positive energy. All that is required is puja be done with devotion and sincerity of purpose adhering to rituals as specified. This brings peace and success in life.

Navagraha Puja has to be done on a special day (muhurat) taking the horoscope of the nativeinto account. In Navagraha homam mantras are chanted for all the nine planets for Graha Shanti(propitiation of planets) thereby bringing happiness, prosperity, winning over enemies, wealth and many more such benefits.

Benefits of Navagraha puja

  1. Subduing negative impact of planets
  2. Improving personal and professional life
  3. Protection from mental tension &physical ailments
  4. Avoiding sudden misfortunes
  5. Improving business prospects
  6. Promotionsand career prospects
  7. Attaining salvation

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