Chanting refers to chanting of mantras. Mantras bring out positive energy within. But chanting for chanting’s sake has no meaning. Tradition has it that mantra’s efficacy depends on proper pronunciation—vowel uttered like vowels. Mantras in Sanskrit means “completely formed; hallowed.” Each letter of Sanskrit alphabet is a bija, or seed mantra.

Mantras are Vedic in origin. Vedic chants or hymns of seers or rishis reflect the Cosmic Mind. Vedas are eternal and every mantra in the Vedas, Upanishads and various religious traditions begin with Om – the primordial sound, the sound heard for the first time when cosmos created.

While chanting a mantra care has to be taken for its proper pronunciationor else desired result will be missing harming the aspirant both physically and mentally. Mantras require utmostdevotion, faith and constant repetition.

Take the simple yet powerful Omand chanting it is said to harmonizephysical, emotional and intellectual forcesof the Universe giving a feeling of mentaland physical bliss. But the aspirant has to struggle to perfect this art of chanting even though it looks simple. Lot of patience and unfailing faithis required to get full results.

Hindu faith is linked to recitation of mantras. Faith and strong will can achieve one’s spiritual goals through mantras.Mantra basically is sound and reverberations of energy creating different levels of vibrations. Each vibration leads to a particular sound. Mantra therefore is a complex amalgamation of sounds and if used correctly brings a new experience of life within.

When sounds differ, it gives rise to different mantras. Every mantra activates a unique kind of energy in a particular part of the body. To understand this complex phenomenon awareness is needed and not mere repetition by rote that can lead to discouragement and a feeling of misery.Mantras have efficacy only when attempted with proper awareness of what it really is. For instance,Gayatri mantra is a well-known mantra which bestows splendid health, beauty, strength, vigour, vitality and magnetic aura in the face (Brahmic effulgence). Yet people have suffered damage to themselves by improperly reciting it.

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