Are Vedas important in this modern world or the scientific world we live in? The question may sound silly or irrelevant. But, it is not. What we call knowledge today are in fact originated from Vedas that helped in the evolution of Man. Veda in Sanskrit means knowledge and constitute largest body of knowledge ever known to mankind.

Vedas embody the entire range of knowledge spanning the sacred and the secular. It represents eternal truths and thoughts. Truths have no origin as they are eternal having existed since time immemorial. However, thanks to our rishis of yore who sensed these truths we today can lay claim to this priceless heritage. And again thanks to our rishis truth was interpreted and given to mankind.

Vedas in fact are primordial as they are associated withsound. Verily it is the Omkara or Pranava that echoes in all the corners of Universe. Hence Vedic recitations are sensitive to vibrations and when uttered properly bring desired results. Veda mantras can beefficacious only when spiritual discipline and proper intonation are meticulously followed.

Vedic rituals have immense significance when offerings are made to the celestial beings like Indira and Agni. In fact,Lord Agni or fire had been venerated as a symbol of spirit throughout Man’s history and the very first sloka in the Rig Veda (oldest of all Vedas) is on Agni:

Om Agnim-IillePurohitamYajnyasyaDevam-RtvijamHotaaramRatna-Dhaatamam(I offer my humble prayer to Agni, who is the Absolute Divine, the awakener of the inner energy and the giver of prosperity).

Vedas not only gave worldly knowledge it also helped the rishis onto the path of Self Realisation or Liberation.

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