Mantras have scientific basis as they create positive vibrations and dispel negative ones.

In daily life we face so many irritations and either we are angry at someone or someone is angry at us. This creates negative vibrations affecting our health and mind leading to physiological and psychological reactions and offshoot of these can be BP, diabetes etc. If carelessly handled these issues turn chronic.

When one recites mantra or hears it recited, namely the chanting part of it, it generates lot of positive energy all around that has soothing effect even on the surroundings since people and other life matter live all around us.

Mantras cannot be taken for granted. It needs to be handled properly as what counts most is the intonation. Every syllable must be properly intoned. If that is done properly then the mantra becomes a kavach or an armour to ward offharmful effects of negative vibrations thereby protecting our health in turn leading to improved productivity.

If fact we keep sending out vibes both good and bad which permeate the surrounding. As per a theory called “the law of attraction,” a philosophical movement dating back to 1901,the energy we put into the universe will dictate the world around us.You cannot expect others to be happy at you if you tend to be unhappy and makes others unhappy too. If we think positively we send out positive vibes out into the universe which makes life better. This is the basic concept of mantra. Conscious effort must be made to bring out positive aspect. If not,negative vibes take over making people around us seem repulsive. Mantras indeed neutralise negative, repulsive vibrations thereby generating positive ones that attracts others to us. This is the advantage of mantra chanting and we need trained Vedic experts and when done on large scale lighting the sacrificial fire or yajna brings about far-reaching benefits as it clears the air.

Even simple act of chanting simple mantras like ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, ’Om Namo Narayana’, ‘Sri Rama Jai Rama Jai Rama’ with proper intonation can bring internal peace. Many have found it efficacious when faced with danger.

Every human being has the right to chant mantras provided he gets proper guidance. Mantras are a way of being one with nature. It means channelizing energy. Which leads to physical health benefits by improving immunity of the body as chanting certain mantras generate vibration which in turn stimulates hypothalamusgland responsible for secreting hormones that enhances immunity.

Mantras have many benefits. Like the turbulent sea calming down mantras too quickly calm the mind. A calm mind fights diseases and depression better. Healthy body means healthy heart which leads to concentration and learning. There are instances when regular chanting of mantras helped cure asthma to a large extent.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, believes in boosting his brainpower by reciting mantras which he learns through online course. Mantras are Sanskrit verses and Sanskrit is the language of gods. Let the bounty of Vedas bring peace and happiness to the world.

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